Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Tribute to My Parents

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"Lord, give me the strength to change what I can, give me the strength to resist what I cannot change and give me the wisdom to understand the difference between the two. " Saint Francis of Assisi

“Las grandes ganancias y valores están lejos de ser apreciados. Fácilmente ponemos en duda su existencia y pronto los olvidamos. Ellos son de una realidad elevada. Muchas veces los hechos mas reales y mas extraordinarios nunca son comunicados de un hombre a otro. La verdadera cosecha de mi diaria existencia, es casi siempre intangible e imperceptible, como los tintes del amanecer o del atardecer. Es un pequeño polvo de estrellas, un segmento de arco iris atrapado en mis manos.” H.D. Thoreau

Galería de Fotos

San Gregorio State Beach

Twelve miles south of Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay on the San Mateo County Coast

California USA

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Friday, August 22, 2008

El Otro Mirador

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Walden Pond
Concord, Massachusetts

Henry David Thoreau lived at Walden Pond from July 1845 to September 1847. His experience at Walden provided the material for the book Walden, which is credited with helping to inspire awareness and respect for the natural environment.

“No leí libros ese primer verano, pase con el azadón para los frijoles... No es para tanto, a menudo me fue mejor que esto. Habían ocasiones en que no podía malgastar el florecer del momento presente en ningún trabajo, ya sea con la cabeza o con las manos. Amo ese amplio margen en mi vida. Algunas mañanas de verano habiendo tomado mi acostumbrado baño, me sentaba en la asoleada puerta de mi casa, desde el amanecer hasta el mediodía. Allí Permanecía envuelto en un estado de absorción, en medio de los pinos, nogales y arbustos, en una ininterrumpida soledad y quietud, mientras los pájaros cantanban alrededor o revoloteban silenciosamente a través de toda la casa, hasta que el sol se dejaba caer en mi ventana oeste o se escuchaba el ruido de algún carruaje viajero en la distante carretera.”


Un Gran Saludo de Aniversario para "El Mirador de los Pinos."

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Galería de Fotos

California The Golden State

Los cerros detrás de la Universidad de Stanford

The Stanford University Satellite Dish built and operated by SRI for the U.S. Goverment in the early 1960. This Radio Telescope it is used today for satellite calibrations and spacecraft communications.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

La Sala de Sonido presenta:

Jazz Masterpieces

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Pueden cómodamente tomar asiento en esta Sala de Sonido y escuchar un tema clásico seleccionado por passingcitizen.
Freddie Hubbard First Light
Album First Light

"This recording is the father of adult-contemporary jazz music. The sound of Hubbard's flugelhorn on the classic "Moment to Moment" defined "smooth jazz" before there was such a term. Alongside "Moment to Moment" was the jazz jam classic "First Light," part of why this album was awarded a Grammy in 1972."


Freddie Hubbard • Trumpet
George Benson • guitar
Ron Carter • bass
Jack DeJohnette • drums

Arrangements by Don Sebesky

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Record Numbers

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Record numbers of Americans are getting out of their cars and hopping onto scooters, spurred by high gas prices and concerns for the environment. But with many options and styles to choose from, picking the right ride can be tricky. While many buyers judge scooters mostly by their looks, others come armed with a list of performance benchmarks, comparing engine size, seat height and storage space, among other options.

Vespa ET4
Options can drive prices upward, from around $2,000 for a serviceable around-town scooter to more than $6,000 for a highway-ready bike with extra storage space.

50cc scooters for places with lower-speed traffic, like small towns and inner-city areas. The bike can easily go around 30-45 mph. For those driving in both cities and suburbs, it's best to be able to reach 45 to 55 mph, even if it's for short bursts. I wouldn't go any smaller than 150ccs. for that kind of driving. Many 250cc models can reach 75mph, making them a good choice for highways.

Monday, August 18, 2008

M a b e l
N e g r e t e
Socially Engaged Artist


As part of the Mission Arts & Performance Project (M.A.P.P.) that is celebrating Frida Kalo’s legacy as a visionary feminist artist and social activist, Subliminal Sketches of a SHU is a live-art/studio aiming to share the feelings and investigations of two artists who are responding to the history and dysfunction of the segregation housing units (SHU)…

Sat. 08.02.2008 9-10pm
Corner of 23rd Street and Treat Ave.
San Francisco CA

Sunday, August 17, 2008

San Jose Jazz Festival '08


Miles de personas escuchando la música de DS en un caluroso día de verano

Invitado Especial David Sanborn Group

"Check this out"
David S. charlando antes de su presentación
It Took A Long Time(My LP Version)

¡Un Orgulloso Simpatizante!
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Saturday, August 16, 2008

San Francisco's FIRST dessert lounge.

Tan & Derick Owners + Alex(center)

Chilean Red Wine
poached local halibut shrimp croquette / chorizo / sweet pepper jus

raspberries lemon scented white chocolate / shortbread

Chef Boris Portnoy

1335 Fulton Street at Divisadero
San Francisco, 94117

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Like Father Like Son

John LennonSean LennonBob DylanJakob DylanAlbert HammondAlbert Hammond, Jr.Carlos Santana Salvador SantanaFrank ZappaDweezil ZappaLoudon Wainwright IIIRufus Wainwright and the list goes on...

01. Dweezil Zappa Hawaii Five-O
02. Frank Zappa Dirty Love
03. Carlos Santana Your is the Light
04. Salvador Santana(SSB) Summer's Day
05. Stephen Still Love the One You're With
06. Chris Still Rattlesnakes
07. David Crosby Naked in the Rain
08. James Raymond One for Every Moment
09. Richard & Linda Thompson Sunnyvista
10. Teddy Thompson Don't Know What I Was Thinking
11. Loudon Wainwright III Gray in L. A.
12. Rufus Wainwright Oh What a World.

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Selección musical inspirada en un programa de Radio 3 de España

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Tom Waits in Concert

Tom Waits

Tom Waits performs live at the Fox Theater in Atlanta, Ga., on July 5, 2008.

• Lucinda / Ain't Going Down to the Well

• Down in the Hole

passingcitizen presents 9:49 minutes of this concert.
All Photos: Bob Butler

La Sala de Sonido presenta:

Música de Mi Grabadora
Hubert Laws
Windows(LP Version)
Laws' Cause
(Atlantic Records 1969)

Hubert Laws

"A talented flutist whose musical interest was never exclusively straight-ahead jazz, Hubert Laws exceeded Herbie Mann in popularity in the 1970s when he recorded for CTI. He was a member of the early Jazz Crusaders while in Texas (1954-1960) and he also played classical music during those years. In the 1960s, Laws made his first recordings as a leader (Atlantic dates from 1964-1966) and gigged with Mongo Santamaria, Benny Golson, Jim Hall, James Moody, and Clark Terry, among many others. His CTI recordings from the first half of the 1970s made Laws famous and were a high point, particularly compared to his generally wretched Columbia dates from the late '70s. He was less active in the 1980s, but has come back with a pair of fine Music Masters sessions in the 1990s. After those releases, a tribute to Nat King Cole arrived in 1998, followed four years later by a stab at Latin jazz, Baila Cinderella. The sharp and cool Moondance appeared in spring 2004. Hubert Laws has the ability to play anything well, but he does not always seem to have the desire to perform creative jazz."

Hubert Laws flute
Chick Corea
Ron Carter
Grady Tate