Thursday, February 01, 2007

Botero-Abu Ghraib

Photos: Alex-Berkeley 2007
Gran interes mostro la muestra del artista Colombiano Fernado Botero en Berkeley-California esta semana.
“La gente olvidaria Guernica si no fuera por la obra maestra de Picasso”. Botero

“The 73-year-old Colombian artist spent 14 months painting a series of 80 drawings and paintings that depict pain, degradation and torture -- all in the style of his more popular work. He said he wasn't intending to "shock people or to accuse anyone" with his Abu Ghraib depictions. He didn't do them for commercial reasons (they're not for sale). "You do it because it is in your gut, you are upset, you are furious, you have to get it out of your system.".Nonetheless, he hopes that as Abu Ghraib fades from memory -- the prison is slated for demolition -- the paintings will be a reminder of what happened there. "People would forget about Guernica were it not for Picasso's masterpiece," he said. "Art is a permanent accusation”. SFChronicle


El Monje I said...

muy explícito, el sr. Botero.

El Monje I said...

Aunque esta vez, hay razones muy válidas y lo explícito es parte del sentido de la obra.