Sunday, November 19, 2006

Paisajes I - The Bonneville Salt Flats

Photos: Alex - Nov 2006
“Imagine a place so flat you seem to see the curvature of the planet, so barren not even the simplest life forms can exist. Imagine the passing thunder of strange vehicles hurtling by on a vast dazzling white plain. This is not an alien world far from earth; it is Utah's famous Bonneville Salt Flats.The Bonneville Salt Flats is one of the most unique natural features in Utah. Stretching over 30,000 acres, the Bonneville Salt Flats is a fragile resource administered by the Bureau of Land Management. It is located along I-80 near the Utah-Nevada border.”


El Monje I said...

Vacio, espíritualidad, color.
Parece que ahí tb. predomina el azul,pero debe ser un azul distinto al del sur de chile.

Anonymous said...

Aqui hay mucha luz, no conosco otro lugar con la misma intensida.