Friday, October 20, 2006

Ray Suarez Latest Book: The Holy Vote

Photophone: Alex
Ray firmando un autografo para Alex
NewsHour Senior Correspondent Ray Suarez discussing his latest book The Holy Vote: The Politics of Faith In America on October 20th at 7pm in the Downtown Salt Lake City Library Auditorium.“We can't get American religion out of politics, or politics out of religion. It's too late for that. It would be like trying to get the sugar out of a cup of coffee. But finding a way these two behemoth institutions in American life can coexist, while respecting the convictions of believers and protecting the rights of nonbelievers and those who disagree, is the riddle we must solve.” RS.


Anonymous said...


Do you think that this is a solvable riddle? I have my doubts.


Anonymous said...

We hope so Mr. Patrick!, after all(I'm quoting Mr. Suarez here)"the Genius of America was to create a political order in wich your rights and opportunities as a citizen would not depend upon your religious identity, beliefs, or practices".