Sunday, September 24, 2006

Los Blops - Rare & Beautiful Compilation

Photo Archive: 1970
Limited Edition: 1000 copies
"This is a 3CD compilation of the rare and beautiful complete works of Chile-based Blops.The first album from 1970 is pure underground folk with some electric moments, the second from 1971 becomes more electric and the third album from 1973 is completely electric and psychedelic with a progressive touch.
Los Blops formed in 1970 when Eduardo Gatti (vocals and guitars), Julio Villalobos (guitars), Pedro Greene (drums), Andres Orrego (keyboards) and Juan Pablo Orrego (bass) performed covers (Beatles, Rolling Stones, Animals, Cream, Kinks) in a local club in Isla Negra, with additional changes in the band with the addition of members Sergio Bezard (drums) and Juan Contreras (flute and keyboards). Their first LP was recorded in 12 hours on a two-track machine and produced by DICAP(Discoteca Del Cantar Popular )".


Anonymous said...

Estos alemanes se especializan en todo..

Payasocastillo said...

como se consigue este compiladoooo???